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Whether you need residential or commercial leak repairs, JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION is the team for you. We have an experienced and reliable team of contractors that are highly-skilled and educated. Our company has the latest leak detection knowledge and equipment that can help find problem areas faster and more reliably. We then work with efficiency to accurately and precisely repair any leaks or damaged roofing area. Rely on us when you need any kind of roof leak repair in Plano, TX. Dial 469-562-1990 to schedule an appointment today.

Leak Detection and Repair

When owning a property of any kind, there are several things that you become responsible for. One area that can often go neglected is the roof. If and when that happens, you could face serious damages and roof leaks that will be costly to repair. In fact, unfortunately, too many property owners don’t become aware of roof leaks until it is too late. Usually during a storm is when most find a leak and require emergency repair services. Whenever you need help, you can always rely on JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION. We have years of experience with all roofing needs from installation to leak detection. Our expert contractors can find where the leak is and provide a detailed report for you if you are filing an insurance claim. Even if you aren’t filing, our report is great for record-keeping for later purposes. 

Either way, when you need reliable detection and repair services, we are the team to contact. Let us help by getting started today.

What Causes Leaks?

What Causes Leaks?

There are several things that can cause a roof leak.

  • Hail Damage: One of the most commons causes of roof leaks is hail damage. Too often, roofs go uninspected and neglected after hail storms because homeowners can’t see any obvious signs of damage. But it may be there and when the next storm hits, there will be a leak.
  • Wind Damage: The wind is a very powerful force and can easily rip shingles and other items off of your roof, leaving it exposed to the elements. When that happens, leaks can quickly occur. 
  • Old Age: And of course, another common cause of leaks is old age. The older a roof is, the less efficient it will be. Because of that, materials can rot, flashing can rust, and leaks can more likely occur.

Are Leaks Covered by Insurance?

Are Leaks Covered by Insurance?

For a leak to be covered by insurance, it has to be because of something known as a covered peril. Covered perils are the defined reasons why your insurance provider will offer financial coverage to repair your home if damage should occur. These include all types of storm damage like wind or hail and other occurrences. Unfortunately, if it is found out the reason your roof is leaking is because of old age, then that will more than likely not be covered. You can figure all of this out by contacting your insurance provider for more information. They will be able to explain what is and isn’t covered. If you ever need help filing a roof insurance claim, you can absolutely rely on us. Our contractors can complete inspection reports, work on repairs as well as review repair estimates offered by your carrier. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

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