Do I need gutters around my entire house?

checking gutters on a roof

Are gutters necessary?

The main purpose we have gutter installed around our home is to funnel water that comes off the roof to keep going out and away from the foundation. When water runs off the roof and puddles up around the foundation, it erodes the soil, compromises the foundation, and if you have a basement, it can wreak havoc. If you do have gutters and you don’t get regular gutter services to keep them clear and repaired, it can do all of that and more.

Which is better vinyl or aluminum gutters?

Any gutter service company will sell you whichever one you prefer, and vinyl is the less expensive between the two, making it the more popular choice. However, a reliable gutter service salesperson will explain the difference so that you understand the price difference. The lifespan of vinyl is much shorter than aluminum gutters. One reason that shortens their lifespan is vinyl is installed in sections, whereas aluminum gutters are machine cut on-site in a continuous, seamless strip by companies offering gutter services.

How do you install vinyl gutters?

Gutters can be installed by a homeowner, so can water lines to your home. For the best results that come with a guarantee and warranty, where you would hire a professional plumber to repair the main water line, hiring a professional offering gutter service is recommended. This is adding a feature to your home, a lifetime investment. By hiring somebody to install your gutter system that offers gutter service and repair, they will have the equipment, supplies, and tools to do the job correctly.

The basic steps to installing vinyl gutters yourself are:

  1. Determine where the water needs to run off toward. 
  2. Using a chalk line, mark the fascia board where the slope is.
  3. Install downspout outlets on the edges of your house. 
  4. Attach the gutter hangers on the fascia board along the chalk line. 
  5. Secure gutter corners to the house where there won’t be any downspouts. 
  6. Hang the sections of the gutters. 
  7. Attach the downspout drainpipes to the house.
  8. Fit gutter guards on.

Another benefit of having a professional gutter services install your gutters system is that they will know if the traditional gutter systems with downspouts that direct the water to run out at ground level will suffice. Or, if your home may need the downspout system that empties the rain into a drainage system that empties into the street and downhill, or if it needs to be connected to an underground sewer system.

What are the best gutters?

There are different materials and configurations of rain gutters to choose from today. Which is the best gutters is a matter of the personal budget and choice, and the climate and environment.


The most popular choice for several reasons:

  • Ease of installing
  • Rust resistant
  • Inexpensive

The only limitation is they do not do well in cold climates because they will crack


Aluminum gutters are lightweight and rust-proof. They fare better in cold climates and you can paint them to match your home’s facade. The downside to these, they dent easily.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel gutters are less popular than vinyl or aluminum because of the cost. However, they are sturdier and rust-resistant.

Other options in gutters are copper or wood, which are primarily used by those renovating a home or structure to its original appearance. They are a huge investment for basic household use.

Are gutter screens a good idea?

Gutter screens and gutter covers are similar, with the exception that the screens are made from the screen and the covers are a roof-like solid material. The gutter screens install easier by simply snapping into the gutter run. While gutter screens will stop large debris from getting into the gutter runs, they do not stop the small debris.

white gutters with roof drainage

Do gutter guards cause problems?

Gutters are important in protecting your home from the roof to the foundation. They also catch a lot of leaves and tree liter and provide a place for creatures and insects to next. While gutter guards can stop that, they also make it difficult to clean them – and yes, even with gutter guards, you will need to clean them, or more expensive when you have a gutter services company clean them.

There are curved gutter guards that keep the leaves and tree debris moving over the gutters, small twigs and debris build-up against the raised area and create ice dams. Gutter guards do not prevent algae, lichen, and moss from growing either, hence why you still need to clean the gutters. There are hinged gutters, which can make cleaning easier, but these can be difficult to use, and they are the most expensive.

To recap the cons again gutter guards:

  • The better ones are expensive
  • They can block gutters and still cause ice dams to form.
  • Gutter guards do not keep everything out

If you use gutter services, gutter guards will make it more expensive they can make it more costly to clean your gutters when necessary. 

Gutters are a definite improvement to your home, they will protect the foundation and the roof. With installing gutter guards or gutter screens to minimize the need to clean your gutters, it could be more of a hassle than a help. For all of your gutter installation needs in richardson, TX, dial 469-562-1990 today!