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Is EPDM Roofing Any Good?

For commercial and flat roofing, there are several options that could work for your needs. There is commercial metal roofing, flat roof coatings, and even single-ply roofing. If you are interested in updating your roof without spending a ton of cash, single-ply roofing is the way to go, specifically EPDM. It is reliable, long-lasting, and inexpensive, everything a property owner wants. However, the best way to experience those benefits is with a quality installation, and for that, the only team to rely on is JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION. Let our experienced roofers install and maintain your commercial roofing today. Call 469-562-1990 to get started with EPDM roofing in richardson, TX.

The EPDM Installation Experts

What is EPDM roofing? EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, which is a type of synthetic rubber roofing that is often used on low-sloping commercial roofing. This extremely durable and reliable roofing option is the most popular amongst commercial roofers for several reasons.

  • Ease of Installation: An EPDM installation is very, very easy to do. For experienced roofers, it can usually be done in less than a day. Additionally, EPDM replacements are just as easy to complete, making it a very popular commercial roofing material.
  • Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance and EPDM repairs, this material is once again the most popular. Because it is a synthetic rubber, it doesn’t crack and break under extreme weather conditions. More than that, it won’t deteriorate when water ponding occurs on a flat roof. 
  • Longevity: Like other single-ply roofing structures, EPDM lasts a long time. When well maintained, this structure can last anywhere between 25-30 years. You may still need EPDM repairs, but they probably won’t be required as often. 
  • Inexpensive: Most single-ply roofing materials are comparatively more inexpensive than other materials and EPDM is no exception. This material is inexpensive to purchase, store, move, and apply. 

More roofers choose EPDM because it is a proven reliable roofing structure. What sets this option, and other single-ply options apart from other materials is the fact that it can be installed directly over existing roofing materials. So instead of wasting time, money, and roofing materials with a roof replacement, you can choose to restore the structure with an EPDM installation or EPDM replacement. Either way, you’ll have a durable and long-lasting structure.

EPDM Roofing Installed by Roofer

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