Commercial Roof Washing

Contractor Pressure Washing and Completing a Commercial Roof Washing

Necessary and Reliable Roofing Services

When you own a commercial property you know there are a lot of things that are needed to maintain the structure. One thing that can help with that is roof washing. It sounds like a useless step, but believe it or not roof washing can be incredibly helpful for commercial owners. When done correctly, a professional roof washing can provide many benefits, like a possible reduction in leaks and water damage. For flat roofing, this is an ideal service that can help you maintain the material and the structure. If you are interested in a commercial roof washing in Plano, TX, contact JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION. Let our contractors help you today. Call 469-562-1990 to get started.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services You Need

How is roof washing a necessary or needed service? When your roof becomes covered with debris, dirt, dried grease, and more, several things can happen. Water ponding is the number one concern for commercial and flat roofing and it can often be hard to detect when leaves or debris are piled up, covering the water. When allowed to sit there, the water can cause material deterioration, leaks, and other seriously damaging problems. 

Roof washing can help prevent a lot of those problems. JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION contractors will go through to pressure wash off any caked-on dirt and debris. For harder spots and stains, we use patented special cleaners to scrub and remove any spots that won’t come up with a power washer. These cleaners work on all materials such as roof coatings, modified bitumen, and even metal.

Why can’t you do this yourself? You actually can do quite a bit yourself as a property owner. We do encourage our clients to take an active role in maintaining their roof. If you have easy access, we recommend getting up there as often as you can to sweep and remove as much of the debris as possible. What we don’t recommend is doing pressure washing or cleaning. That’s because a pressure washer is a high-demand appliance and when used incorrectly can result in damages. For that, we recommend relying on a JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION roofer. 

Commercial Roof Washing Being Completed by Contractor

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Whether you need reliable roof repairs or you are interested in additional roofing services, you can turn to JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION. Our contractors are fully certified and professionally trained in all commercial roofing needs. Rely on us when you need anything like commercial roof washing in Plano, TX. Dial 469-562-1990 to schedule an appointment today.