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Owning a commercial building comes with a lot of responsibility. One area of your building that can often be neglected is the roof, especially if you have a flat roof. Ignoring or neglecting any roofing structure can result in damages, leaks, and more, all of which will seemingly cost a fortune to repair. A way to prevent that is with regular inspections, maintenance, and a roof coating application. Commercial roof coatings are a sound investment for anyone that wants a roof that is reliable, without having to think or worry about it. For a quality application, trust JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION to get the job done. We provide a whole host of commercial roofing services that you can depend on. Call us at 469-562-1990 to get started.

Why Invest in a Commercial Roof Coating?

If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, then you know there are quite a few challenges that come with that roofing style. There are several roofing materials on the market that claim to alleviate those problems, but none will work quite as well as a roof coating. Most roof coatings are rubberized or silicone-based products that help to increase the performance and longevity of any commercial roofing. Typically, you’ll find them in liquid or roll-out forms, similar to single-ply membranes. What sets this option apart from say foam roofing is the fact that once applied, it immediately clings to the existing roof. There is no dry-down time or curing time. Once it is on, it’s on and ready to go. The other thing that sets it apart is that it is often referred to as “water-proofing” a roof. Since most roof coatings are rubber or silicone-based, as mentioned, they act as excellent water-proofing or water-resistant barriers.

A common problem for commercial and flat roofing is water ponding and leaking. This occurs because there is not enough drainage on the roof which then causes rainwater to pool and pond in certain areas. When this happens, the material deteriorates and eventually leads to damaging roof leaks. All of that can be avoided with a professional roof coating application completed by JPAUL ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION.

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Types of Roof Coating Applications

Types of Roof Coating Applications

We offer several types of roof coating options for both flat and metal roofing. What makes this option different from other materials is that it can be applied directly over just about any other roofing material, like metal. This can help extend the life of your roof as well as cut down on overall costs since you aren’t having to pay for a complete replacement.

  • Flat Roof Coatings With a flat roof coating you can reduce the risk of leaks and increase the overall performance and dependability of your roof.
  • Metal Roof Coatings We can help provide additional durability and longevity to any roofing structure, including a metal roof, with a quality roof coating application.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Benefits of Roof Coatings

If you have been considering a commercial roof coating for your property, you have a great investment on your hands. There are several advantages to this material and installation process. Generally speaking, a roof coating application can usually be completed in less than a day. This means there is less interference to your daily business and activities.  

  • Restorative: One of the best things about a roof coating is that it is very restorative. Instead of tearing up and throwing out an old roof, we can just apply a roof coating directly over the existing material. This cuts down on costs and increases your roof’s life-span.
  • Inexpensive: The overall cost to complete a commercial roof coating application is significantly less than a roof replacement or installation. More than that, the cost to purchase, store, and move these materials are often cheaper than most other options.
  • Reliable: Roof coatings are proven reliable roofing materials. They can withstand consistent exposure to elements like rain, wind, sun, smoke, grease and more. It can also withstand a serious commercial roofing problem: water ponding. The material won’t break down or deteriorate under long-exposure to water ponding.
  • Energy Efficient: Probably one of the most popular advantages to a roof coating application is energy efficiency. Most coatings are white or at least light in color, which means they reflect heat rather than absorbing it. This will allow your HVAC system to operate more efficiently and can result in lower energy bills.
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