3 Ways To Avoid HOA Roofing Violations

Whatever the reason for receiving a violation from you local Home Owners Association (HOA) regarding your roof can be extremely stressful and upsetting. Two of the main reasons that your roof may be out of compliance is due to roofing condition or incorrect roofing material and color. Here’s 3 ways on how to avoid those roofing violations:

Follow The HOA Roofing Guidelines

Each HOA has their own guideline for the subdivision. It is important to speak to your roofer about the specific roof type, shingle manufacturer, identifying the correct color and the shingle warranty. When our roofing contractors come out, they will have a list of pre-approved materials for you to choose from. This way, J Paul Roofing and Construction can ensure your roof meets neighborhoods guidelines and is in compliance.

Keep Up  Roofing Maintenance

If your roof has missing shingles from hail or wind damage, your home will more than likely receive a violation. Be sure to take care of your roof like you would any other part of your home. Trees that rest on the roof can erode the shingle down and cause leaking into your home making interior damage costly. Ridge vents on the roof need to be inspected as well. If they are damaged by winds, it can leave a significant size hole across your roofline that can lead to structural and interior damage of the entire home.

Replace Your Roof After A Storm

After a severe storm comes through your area, it is always best to get a full home inspection of your property. Waiting till “after the storms pass” can possibly cause your insurance to deny a claim if you wait too long. Hail is not the only culprit of damage to your roof. Wind damage can cause massive water damage when shingles are blown off and the underlayment is exposed to the elements. A roof that is past it’s life expectancy can be more costly to repair. Our consultants can help assess the age and condition of your roof to determine if your roof is performing as it should.

Leave it to the experts to help you with your roofing needs. If you are not sure where to start to fix the situation, feel free to contact J Paul Roofing and Construction at 469-562-1990 or visit us online at www.jpaulroofing.com

We can provide you with a free home inspection and help guide you through the process.