5 crucial things to consider when choosing a roof to avoid future regrets

Guest Blog Post by: The Mommies Reviews

Every home has its unique roof; whether done by a roofing company or done privately. In some municipalities, they have their way of housing. Architectural designs get to dictate the type of roof you will put over your house. Roofs are beautiful if chosen well. All homes need ceilings to complete them. Before one decides on the type of roof they need, they have a few things they need to consider:

Architectural design

You get to pick your own house, but you need an architect to design everything for you and will help you meet the stipulated laws in your country’s building activities. The architectural design of your building dictates the type of roofing you will need and its style. Asphalt shingles used for most houses. Historic homes, tile roofing style is acceptable.

Durability and ownership

Would you like a roofing system where you keep repairing or replacing now and then? To avoid situations, it’s advisable to get yourself a durable roofing material. If you are not sure what type of material you would need then I would like to advise you to find a reputable company like J Paul Roofing. If you intend to stay in the house for years, you should know that the ultimate cost of equipment is a factor of its durability. Therefore, don’t be afraid to splurge on a roof, if it will last you longer. You need roofing mechanism that is all weather, and that can survive any harsh weather condition. J Paul Roofing. will give you advice on the kind of roofing that would be perfect for you and your family.

Building regulations

Restrictions and regulations are in every locality. They differ from one location to another. Some areas are prone to natural calamities like hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires. Such a district will insist on good houses, with a roofing system that can survive all these weather conditions. You need a roofing plan that can withstand harsh environment as well as any calamities. Gated communities have a particular way of building their houses. These houses will automatically dictate a specific form of roofing. You need to review the community and residential agreements; this will guide you on what to pick for your house.

Surrounding and nature

The environment has trees and many other natural plants.  You are required to check the types of trees, and their ability to grow. You shouldn’t tolerate trees growing over your roof. Ocean views can also determine the type of roof you install. If you want to have a good look, choose roofing that accommodates this. Moreover, the climate of the area can determine the kind of roof you put over your head. Too much rain can be a hazard to the roof. So each roofing material is meant to survive in a particular area or locality for a specified period.

Underlying materials

Your central roof aspect and these are layers below the main roof. You are advised to consider having such layers as waterproof materials and ensures another layer of protection. It will also give your architectural design a great look. These underlying materials will extend the durability of your roof. No leakage will pass through your roof for an extended period.

I would like to share a tidbit about myself I am 52 years old and I haven’t ever had to purchase a roof for our home as we rent the house we are living in now and before that we always lived in apartments. Then if you go back to my childhood my parents never purchased a roof for any of the homes we lived in either. So I must say I am blessed in that manner. Although I have seen friends and family having to replace there roofs for different reasons.

Including my sister who is putting her house up for sale in the next couple months. Debbie and I got her home ready to list we didn’t think about having to hire a roofer as she had a new roof put on a couple years ago. Although the people who wanted to put a contract on her home asked Debbie to replace the roof and she declined so they pulled out of the contract. Debbie contacted her Realtor and he let Debbie know a new roof would help the house sell faster.

Debbie asked me to search online for a roofing company for her. Although her Realtor found a roofer (general contractor)  he wanted Debbie to use and they did a fair job.  Although my husband I noticed some things that weren’t right. The gentleman didn’t know all he needed to do and we found out he wasn’t a licensed roofer but a general contractor who said he knew how to put on a roof and could save Debbie money. Although that didn’t happen as the roof is leaking and there wasn’t a guarantee.

At the time I didn’t know about J Paul Roofing or I would have asked Debbie to contact them for a estimate and I believe she wouldn’t be having the issues she is having and I believe the Lord led me to J Paul Roofing for a reason and one of the reasons is Debbie is going to need to call a new roofer out soon to fix the leaks and once she does I plan on sharing the following facts about J Paul Roofing with her and letting her know God led me to them making them the perfect roofer for our family.

J Paul Roofing they are local  (Dallas/ Fort Worth), Texas –

J Paul Roofing is woman and veteran owned as a mom I always tell my daughter Leslie that as a women she can do anything she puts her mind to and this includes starting her own business. I can’t wait to share this information with Leslie as it will show Leslie I know what I am taking about because J Paul Roofing are Veteran owned and you know Toby was in the Army as well as Les Uncle and Grandfather so this is the perfect company for my family to support.

For me personally I liked finding out J Paul Roofing has been in business for over 10 yrs with a A++ rating with the BBB it’s the perfect information to share with my father as he was also a business owner when I was a child and he would have had the same ranking if his business hadn’t gone under due to a change in the way we use technology. You see my dad owned a Typewriter business.

J P Roofing support our local animal shelters and they all have pets running in the office all day – it looks like a dog sitting place! My family is a huge supporter of animal shelters and we raise money for them when we can. Knowing a business supports Animal Shelters means a lot to us. Animals aren’t just pets they are part of our family. If Charlie and I were able to we would adopt every stray in the world. Which is why its a good thing we don’t live on a FARM!!

J Paul Roofing has w-2 employees and have maintained great relationships with our local vendors. You all know I love working with Small Based Businesses and Local Vendors and hearing J Paul Roofing made my heart sing knowing they have a great relationship with the vendors they work with and it shows they are the perfect company to work with for all of our roofing needs and nothing will stop them from completing the best job for there customer and employees.

We support SMU athletics and the Frisco Rough Riders. MY family is into sports and we loves Soccer and visiting Frisco a new town we recently discovered and it is my dream to go to attend a Frisco Roughriders Game. I believe it would be nice to meet J Paul Roofing there and supporting them in their business. Although Charlie says he would rather stop by there office and see all of their pets.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates